Why Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore?

The DAM for Sitecore module integrates Digizuite™ DAM with your Sitecore Experience Platform, giving you a seamlessly connected Digital Asset Management system, where you can manage, transcode, distribute, and repurpose all media files (images, videos, documents) directly from within Sitecore.


The only seamlessly integrated DAM for Sitecore module

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is the only module on the market that is built in Sitecore components (SPEAK). This takes integration to new heights as Digizuite™ DAM is seamlessly integrated with Sitecore in all features, from search, to experience editing and analytics. 

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is a powerful digital hub for you and your team using Sitecore to create customer experiences on multiple channels. It helps you streamline digital processes and gives you access to all your digital content from a single source. Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is your key to a new world of multi-channel management where Sitecore functions as your central marketing hub.


Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore allows you to:

  • Manage millions of images, videos, documents and PDF files in the quality and format you need. Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore transcodes and optimizes assets for all screen sizes automatically to give your users a high-quality experience on your website  

  • Easily share content on multiple channels directly from within Sitecore (multi-channel distribution)

  • A strong metadata structure enables fast search and gives you a complete overview of assets.

  • Automated and dynamic cropping with one click: Choose the most important detail in the image, and the system will automatically crop the area around the detail.

  • Get automatic creation of thumbnails in Sitecore – see thumbnails of pages in PPT and PDF  

  • Get powerful video capabilities in Sitecore, supporting all video formats

  • Create automated workflows for approval processes and sharing

  • Control access with user roles and permission levels aligned with the rights management in Sitecore

  • Manage video easily within Sitecore and ensure high quality streaming of video on any device anywhere in the world

  • Track and analyze the usage of your digital assets

  • Achieve strong brand asset management


Easy search and user-controlled access

The security in DAM for Sitecore reflects Sitecore roles, allowing detailed user profiles with different access rights in Sitecore and in Digizuite™. Metadata values from the DAM system is reflected in Sitecore as well, making it easy to search for the right content with the right usage restrictions in potentially millions of assets. You can upload multiple assets simultaneously, including bulk-setting metadata.


Automated workflows help you share the right content on the right channels  

Through automated workflows, your digital files will be formatted and transcoded into the necessary formats – making them ready for website distribution. Thumbnails will be generated automatically, making it easy for you to find the right asset at any time.


Inline image and video editor for efficient work processes

Preview features are available for images, videos, and PDF files in Sitecore, making it easy to navigate in the media library. If the selected image does not fit, you can “crop and zoom” or adjust the colors without having to edit the source file. The same goes for video – where you can draw, annotate, and edit the video through the editor.


High performance and scalability

The DAM for Sitecore module was developed to manage all types of digital assets, offering high performance when streaming video and delivering large media files. Flexibility and scalability are key components, letting you customize the solution to fit all your current IT systems.


Open API for smooth integration                                         

The open API enables you to integrate the DAM for Sitecore module with your other systems. The API in DAM for Sitecore is parallel to the API within Sitecore Media Library, making it easy to retrieve assets out of DAM for Sitecore. The module integrates with social media, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, web shops, product information management tools (PIM), media portals, and video portals.


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