A unified approach to video management within Sitecore

As more videos are produced, the demand for services, technologies, and apps to manage it all is constantly increasing. Some companies tend to work with IT systems in silos - in other words, by using a video content management system solely for their website and not integrated with other rich media content tools. This is where the DAM for Sitecore module truly shines.


Video is skyrocketing

Video is a powerful tool for making customer connections in ecommerce, branding, and digital strategy. Research shows that 52% of consumers say that product videos help to make them feel more secure and comfortable with their online purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, 70% of b2b marketers watch video specifically for business research. 


A unified approach to video management within Sitecore

Managing videos within Sitecore is easy, but collaborating across teams, organizations, and markets demands a unified approach to video content. The beauty of a single-source content management system is that digital content managers are in charge of all their assets. What’s more, already shared content can be managed from a centralized location.


You’ll experience the following advantages:

  • Store, edit, search, and use videos
  • High quality and performance in Sitecore
  • Easily feature videos on your website
  • Draw, annotate, and clip in your videos before uploading to your website
  • Transcode videos automatically into the desired format to fit your website
  • Use metadata to organize all your video content based on e.g. title, type, date, and content and generate a well-structured overview of all your videos

The DAM for Sitecore module ensures smooth workflows when uploading, managing, editing, converting, and sharing your video assets on multiple marketing channels. The seamlessly integrated connector gives your web editors and marketing team access to the latest approved media files, vital to ensure brand consistency.      

Want to find out how digital asset management can help you increase collaboration within your organization and strengthen your Sitecore platform? 



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