A sneak peek of the new Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore module

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is a powerful digital hub for you and your team using Sitecore to create customer experiences on multiple channels. It helps you streamline digital processes and gives you access to all your digital content from a single source. Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is your key to a new world of omnichannel management where Sitecore functions as your central marketing hub.


New product release - Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore 9

The new, groundbreaking Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore module is always seamlessly integrated with Sitecore covering multiple features from Experience Editing to search and analytics.

The new DAM for Sitecore 9 features include a revamped user interface, a high level of usability, and four new functionalities. DAM for Sitecore 9 will continue to empower marketers and web content managers with endless opportunities using a single source for all digital files from within Sitecore. 

Digital assets, customer experience and reports all in one place 

Marketers will be able to get more insights on the use of their digital assets, e.g. you can see who has viewed your assets, top assets used on different devices among other things. You can access all these insights in the Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore experience reports directly from Sitecore.     

You will not feel a difference as a Sitecore editor. As always, you will be able to use Sitecore to manage your digital assets. As the underlying digital asset management system, Digizuite™ DAM system enables you to upload, search and use all brand assets from a central repository for fast distribution on multiple channels.


Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore 9 is compatible with Sitecore

If you are a Sitecore developer or implementation partner, you will experience that it is easy to extend the solution due to the coherent use of the standard Sitecore way of implementing modules.

All this is made possible using SPEAK components.

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