Comparison between DAM for Sitecore and Sitecore Media Library

How does DAM for Sitecore support and strengthen Sitecore?

The DAM for Sitecore module extends Sitecore with a full-scale digital asset management (DAM) system, delivering the advantages of a single source for all media files. While Sitecore’s Media Library allows perfect website image management, a centralized digital asset management system optimizes digital workflows and supports multi-channel management, adding value to your Sitecore platform. In short, you will be able to organize, manage, search, edit, add metatags, distribute, and repurpose rich media content such as images, videos and presentations all in one place:    

  • Ensure that all assets are approved for online and offline use
  • Store all content in a single source, making it easy to manage what is typically a complex and time-consuming task in a large organization
  • Easy search of digital assets with the help of a strong metadata structure
  • Unified video management in Sitecore
  • A core digital engine for enterprise media management and branding 

See the checklist in PDF to find out what Digizuite™ DAM brings to the table within Sitecore. 



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