BoConcept takes control of their visual content
with DAM for Sitecore

BoConcept is removing complexity in their digital business by integrating their software systems to gain full control of their visual brand identity, enabling them to upload, manage, search and repurpose thousands of images from one place. 

Watch our video and see how Digizuite™ DAM helps optimize and automate digital business processes at BoConcept across 58 countries. 


Integrating Digital Asset Management with Sitecore and PIM for a full-blown digital business solution 

The Danish manufacturer of luxury furniture and urban design, BoConcept, operates in 58 countries and has been a global player for more than 60 years. 

When your brand is present on a large amount of digital channels, you are producing 17 versions of catalogs, and storing thousands of product images, it’s necessary to find a solution that makes it easy to manage both product images and product information from a single source. Your potential customers often make a quick decision about your brand in a matter of a few seconds. By 2016, nearly 90% of companies believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition. 

To deliver relevant customer experiences, great visual storytelling is needed. Global brands like BoConcept must therefore produce large amounts of images every day to keep up. 


Using Digizuite™ DAM as the backbone of their global collaboration   

BoConcept have therefore integrated their Sitecore platform with Digizuite™ Digital Asset Management as well as their product information management tool to manage the large amounts of product images from a single source. 

In co-operation with BoConcept, Digizuite's digital consultants have analyzed and optimized every digital business process for a full-blown solution. The outcome: BoConcept saves time, increases quality, minimizes mistakes and makes global collaboration easier across departments, markets and digital channels. Ultimately, enabling BoConcept to deliver the right digital content to the right people in the right markets. 
This is why BoConcept uses Digizuite™ as the backbone of their digital collaboration.

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